Advertising / Marketing Companies

Advertising / Marketing Companies

Targeted and Personalized Marketing Under One Roof

Let us empower you with the marketing flexibility your clients need.

Simply stated, a web-to-print storefront is a single location online where your clients can order marketing materials — such as postcards, door hangers, flyers and more — customize them on the spot, and print them on demand.

Through your customized web-to-print marketing storefront, you will be able to empower your clients to control their brand and build market share.

So what EXACTLY can it DO FOR YOU?

No New Software or Maintenance.  You don’t have to install any new software and it does not require in-house support. Everything resides on our servers.

Generate revenue.  If we charge you $.90 for something and you charge your client $1, and you will get the difference at the end of every month.

Web accessible.  Easily reached from any browser 24/7

Direct pay capability.  Each client can have their own account that contains their billing information.

Approval / user groups.  You decide what templates to make available to your clients and what they can or cannot add, delete or change on them. Once the templates are loaded into the system, authorized users can point-and-click their way through the templates and customize them with an easy-to-use copy editing and proofing systems (within your own pre-set limits).

Save your clients time and money.  Reduce inventory of pre-printed materials (we print on demand). And no more searching, all of their printed material will be in one place!

Personalize your materials with our real time document editing.  Use variable text to increase the response rate and shorten the response time. They can see what their printed piece will look like BEFORE they ever place the order.

Many print products to choose from.  Your clients can have a library of fixed, versioned and variable text products ALL IN ONE PLACE such as postcards, door hangers, flyers, newsletters, and many other possibilities

Many marketing tools at your disposal.  Couple the printed materials with our marketing solutions to increase your clients ROI. Such as our targeted mailing lists, variable data printing, pURL’s, customer profiling, current customer file suppression, data hygiene and design services.

Multiple vendors possible (not just Radius Connection!).  Make it easy and create a one stop shop! Each vendor will receive an email telling them a sale was made along with the information necessary to process the order. If you will be including products that we don’t fulfill, we will assess a nominal transaction cost and credit card fees.

Brand YOU.  The portal will be fully branded for your company or organization and customized to your own particular needs, processes, practices and budget.

Many pricing options.  Use our pricing calculator to come up with the best fit for you and your clients.

Call us for a demonstration and experience just how quick and easy it is to use.