Birthday Radius Direct Mail

Radius Direct Mail Programs

Our “trigger” campaigns put you in front of the prospect when they are most likely to buy; it’s all about timing. These simple, cost effective programs allow you to mail a personalized message and offering to a targeted audience surrounding any single address.

Simply provide us with an address and specify the maximum numbers of prospects you want to reach any you’re done!

Birthday Radius Direct Mail

As a business owner, you already know that the biggest challenge you face is getting first time customers in the door and forging a relationship with them.

So recognize prospects on their birthday. Our automated system will identify your prospect’s month and year of their birthday. Using a single address, we will send these birthday postcards in a radius around your location. Mailing can be segmented by age and sex upon request. Our birthday marketing programs makes it easy and affordable to drive new customers to your business. Special offers and invitations drive new clients to your door for special celebrations and events; your service keeps them coming back!

“We have used direct response products, but when we send our message out to 10,000 homes, we hope to get a 1% return rate. With Radius Connection we get over a 10% redemption rate with their Birthday program. This program has also saved me time; it’s something I couldn’t have done on my own.”
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