Business to Business Radius Direct Mail

Radius Direct Mail Programs

Our “trigger” campaigns put you in front of the prospect when they are most likely to buy; it’s all about timing. These simple, cost effective programs allow you to mail a personalized message and offering to a targeted audience surrounding any single address.

Simply provide us with an address and specify the maximum numbers of prospects you want to reach any you’re done!

Business to Business Radius Direct Mail

Get a competitive edge by reaching potential customers at work. While most of your competitors send direct mail to consumers’ homes, your marketing message can be delivered straight to their office. As busy consumers run errands and stop to eat on lunch breaks and after work, receiving your marketing message before they leave the office can be the key to this lucrative marketplace.

Companies love to receive your special offer for their employees. With Radius Connection, it’s simple to implement a business to business radius direct mail marketing program. You simply offer them an incentive (like a free lunch or service discount) and we take care of the rest!