Drip Marketing

Ensure a healthy profit with drip marketing.

It is believed that 3 to 30 repetitions are required for any message to take hold in the human consciousness, and 6 – 7 contacts are required to turn a prospect into a customer.

If you have an up to date database of current clients and prospects, our drip marketing program would be a dynamic sales tool and marketing system to incorporate into your business.

This will allow you to easily stay in front of customers and prospects so you can drive more selling opportunities and revenue to your bottom line.

We’ll Manage the Process, You Make the Calls

We take the guess work out of the selling process with 5 TURN-KEY CAMPAIGNS to choose from:

Mail & Call

Stay top of mind or promote a monthly special by drip mailing a postcard to your customers or prospects each week. Then increase your sales opportunity by making a well-timed, follow-up phone call.

Email & Call

If you have a great email database, nurture your marketing message with a drip email campaign. We’ll drip email your message or offer to your customers or prospects each week while you harvest the selling opportunity with a well-timed follow-up call.

Mail, Call & Follow Up

Expand on the process of the Mail and Call Campaign with one more follow-up opportunity. You tell us the result of your phone call, and we’ll send a “Sorry I missed you” or appointment confirmation email on your behalf. Don’t have a great email address for your follow-up? No problem. We can schedule a 2nd follow-up call for you instead.

Email, Call & Follow Up

If you have a great email database, the Email, Call & Follow-up campaign will email your message each week, notify you who to call, and email a “Sorry I Missed You” or appointment confirmation email on your behalf after you make your call.

Email Only (Mass Email)

Are your customers or consumer prospects on a No-Call list?

Then choose the Email Only Campaign and still keep your message or offer top of mind. Each month, we’ll send an email to your customers or prospects on your behalf. We can even help write your email content. Ask us for more information.