Every Door Direct Mail

Reach every household in an efficient and affordable manner.

These mail pieces are delivered by the US Postal Service and put directly into a mail box as a flat mail piece (not folded) so you really stand out.

The US Postal Service has introduced a fantastic new low-cost direct mailing service called Every Door Direct Mail.  It’s an effective tool to help businesses target local neighborhoods. At Radius Connection, we have been quick to take this program to the next level by warehousing printed materials to give our clients the best print prices possible.

According to the April 2010 BizReport, the average consumer spends 85% of their disposable income within a 5 mile radius of their home.

So why direct mail?

No limitations.  Direct mail isn’t limited to people already looking. Targeted mail seeks out the people who are already most likely interested, then gets your message in their hands at a moments notice.

The only other way to generate business rapidly would be to implement a pay per click campaign, but that is still only limited to the people locally searching for their services.

The mailbox is immune to spam-blockers, pop-up blockers, caller ID and voice mail. As long as people open their mailboxes, there is an opportunity for you to communicate with them. Cater your message directly to the reader, and you have a very unique opportunity.

Creative/personal—Direct mail has a personal feel. E-mails have to be short, which can limit your creativity and message. More thought and effort go into sending a direct mail piece.

Shelf life—Direct mail has “shelf life.” It can be filed, reviewed later or even shared with friends. An e-mail, like other electronic advertising such as radio or TV, is not tangible.

Every Door Direct Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service®, is a program that allows you to send anything under 3.3 oz. at a postage price of only 14.5 cents per piece.  You could send a 9 x 12 flyer on postcard stock or glossy stock, a regular postcard, catalog or magazine!

Plus, you don’t even have to buy a mailing list.

Radius Connection will extend your savings by printing enough to cover all of the mailings for up to 3 months and warehouse them for you at no extra cost – that way you get a great print price too. We will then sort them and prepare them for each mailing. And you can even pay postage as they are mailed, not all up front.

With EDDM™, your mailing delivers to every mailbox along the chosen carrier routes.  An average carrier route is typically between 450 and 750 residents, so by default the demographics should be similar.

You must deliver to all residential addresses, however, you may opt out of including businesses and/or PO Boxes at no additional cost.

We take care of everything, the permit, the design of the piece, printing, sorting and even storage.

If you do want to do it on your own, here’s how it works:

1.  You must register for your CRID number.

2.  Apply for a mailing permit by downloading a form, completing it, and taking it to your local PO for processing.  You don’t have to have a permit, but if you don’t you’re limited to the number of pieces you can process at one time.

3.  Go online and identify a geographic area to which you’d like to send direct mail.

4.  Find a company to design and print your piece.

5.  Bundle them 50 at a time and then bundle 5 stacks of 50 together for each carrier route complete with a facing slip for each.

6.  Print, then complete, three different forms and take them to the post office.

7.  Take all of your mail pieces, with the appropriate paperwork, to your local post office.  However, you must enter your mail pieces by zip code.  So if you want to target 2 zip codes, you will have to make 2 trips to 2 different post offices.\


So how does it work if Radius Connection does it for you?

1.  You provide us with the zip codes you want to target and we’ll send you a map of that zip code with labeled carrier routes.

2.  You tell us which carrier routes you want to target and we will give you a total count.

3.  Determine the frequency of your mailer so we can get a final count.  We will warehouse your materials for up to 3 months so you get the best price.

4.  We will custom design your mail piece, you approve it, and you’re done!  We take it from there.