Leave Behind Package

Let me ask you a question, should you do this? And actually I’ll follow that up with another question; do your competitors do this?

The “in person”appointment is one of the most expensive and time consuming activities in your business. So you need to make the greatest impact you can when you’reface to face with your prospects and customers.
You want to be professional, yet deliver enough punch to make your prospect believe you are the only one that can do the job.

I’m not talking about a manufacturer’s brochure or a simple proposal, but something that elevates you above your competition.
A Leave Behind tells your entire story and makes it easy to do business with you and assures the customer that they are working with a true professional and not some fly by night company.

The Leave Behind materials are assembled in a binder and may contain things such as:

The leave behind can also be used for new franchisees / licensees, employees, used for recruitment and continuing education. This can also be updated on a quarterly basis.

Radius Connection will help you create all of these components and assemble for you. All you have to do is hand them out.