Jobsite Radius Direct Mail

Radius Direct Mail Programs

Our “trigger” campaigns put you in front of the prospect when they are most likely to buy; it’s all about timing. These simple, cost effective programs allow you to mail a personalized message and offering to a targeted audience surrounding any single address.

Simply provide us with an address and specify the maximum numbers of prospects you want to reach any you’re done!

Jobsite Radius Direct Mail

Your best prospects live immediately around your current customers. This simple to execute campaign allow businesses to send targeted mailings and reach only verified homeowners immediately around a current jobsite, or specific address. When you finish a project, wouldn’t it be nice if you could start one next door, or down the street?

Deliver your message directly to people who are most likely to be persuaded by it.

If someone replaces an old furnace, roof or water heater, it is likely that neighbors nearby will need the same service. Capitalize on the fact that neighbors talk and send a radius direct mail postcard offering the same service you have just provided their neighbors.

When you place your message in front of their neighbors with radius direct mail, you will capitalize on the great word-of-mouth buzz, and build upon your success. OWN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

It’s vital that you market yourself to succeed in business.

This is the perfect program for those in home services industries such as HVAC specialists, remodelers, plumbers, landscapers, etc… in addition to realtors and many more.

“Even though we were voted contractor of the year in our community, it’s important to remind people we’re out there. I’ve enjoyed great customer service and great designs that personalize every postcard. Without Radius Connection I would never have been able to target so many people so quickly.”
-Willm Construction