Variable Data Printing

What can variable data do you YOU?

Increase Your ROI By Using Variable Data Printing – Variable data printing allows you to create custom copy and information to grab people’s attention. Adjust the information (or even images) on your direct mail campaign based on where people live, if they are single or married, or any other piece of information you have on your audience. Having custom information means, your direct mail piece will be more appealing and relevant to the recipient.  It is an ideal solution for direct-mail pieces, flyers, brochures, event promotions, or any other type of product where you want to speak “directly” to your customer, even if it’s just making creative use of their first name.

What are examples of variable data printing?

Here are just a few examples of how you can change your marketing piece without having to “re-create the wheel” every time.

Expiration dates
Name of neighborhoods you are close to or working in
Use the recipient’s first name throughout the piece
The type of job you just finished (such as installing new windows in a home)
The offer
The name and address of a current customer in a specific neighborhood
Different location information if you have multiple stores in order to highlight the closest store to your prospect.

And it’s not just limited to text!  You can even change an image that, for example, could be a picture of the location closest to the recipient, or you can change images depending on the demographic you want to target.

Variable data printing will save you time.
  If you design and send a static mail piece, you will have to alter it every time that it’s sent out if you want to make any changes at all, even if just an expiration date.  With variable data, once your design is done, you’re done!  No more back and forth proofing necessary.

Variable data printing will save you money.  By incorporating variable data, you will only have the expense of designing one piece, even if you want to use it for multiple locations, or have a new product or service you want to highlight.

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