Neighborhood marketing at a price you can afford

When you finish a project, wouldn’t it be nice if you could start one next door, or down the street? With the help of Radius Connection, you can!

Chances are the client you just completed the job for will have a similar demographic profile and age of home.

With our Jobsite Radius Marketing – you can micro-target specific geographic areas with neighborhood marketing, delivering your direct mail marketing message directly to people who are most likely to be persuaded by it.

If you have replaced an old furnace, roof or water heater, it is likely that neighbors nearby will need the same service. Capitalize on the fact that neighbors talk and send a radius direct mail postcard offering the same service you have just provided their neighbors.

When you place your message in front of their neighbors with radius direct mail, you will capitalize on the great word-of-mouth buzz, and build upon your success – all for a remarkably low price!

It’s vital that you market yourself to succeed in business. There is nothing more powerful than a referral lead because it’s an implied endorsement. Why not get more referral based business by targeting the neighbors of your clients. OWN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

And don’t forget to market to your current customers!  Building a solid relationship with your clients is vital to the success of your business. We can design a postcard for you and print and mail your message to your existing client base.  Customer mailings are perfect for loyalty campaigns or up sell or cross sell opportunities. It’s also the perfect solution to keep in touch with your clients around special occasions such as holidays or special events centered on your business.

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Radius Connection is an affinity provider to RSES (a leader in training and education for professional HVACR technicians and contractors) members.  Click on the links below to read our articles that have appeared in their monthly magazine.

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We create a postcard for you; gather your qualified prospects, print, and mail.
We take care of everything!