Use radius direct mail products to grow your business!

Need to take your restaurant marketing to the next level? Let Radius Connection help you feed your business.

We don’t have to tell you how competitive the restaurant industry is. On the one hand you need to maintain a connection with existing clients, thanking rewarding them for loyalty. On the other hand you constantly need to expand your customer base.

With our direct mail marketing software, we are able to offer restaurant marketing services that were formerly the most difficult to execute and nearly impossible to administer all at a price you can afford. We have several outstanding radius direct mail programs designed to drive hungry patrons to your restaurant.

Our Birthday marketing creates custom-designed birthday mailers distributed to our proven database of those having birthday’s in your immediate area. Special offers and invitations drive new clients to your door for special celebrations and events; your service keeps them coming back!

New residents are always eager to search out establishments in their area. With our New mover direct mail marketing, you can personally reach out with an incentive to dine with you, and the results will often generate double-digit redemption rates.


Are there lots of local businesses in your area? Would you like to invite more of those hungry employees to your restaurant? Consider our Business to Business marketing program as a way to reach those employees, with a special business to business offer, which is bound to generate lots of lunchtime traffic.

And don’t forget to market to your current customers!  Building a solid relationship with your clients is vital to the success of your business. We can design a postcard for you and print and mail your message to your existing client base.  Customer mailings are perfect for loyalty campaigns or up sell or cross sell opportunities. It’s also the perfect solution to keep in touch with your clients around special occasions such as holidays or special events centered on your business.

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We create a postcard for you; gather your qualified prospects, print, and mail.
We take care of everything!